Accelerated Parole Program

The Accelerated Parole Program (see Policy Directive 454.07) shall be made available
to inmates serving a sentence with a parole eligibility date, except sentences of
Life with Mercy and Habitual Life.  However, this program SHALL NOT BE AVAILABLE
to any inmate to which one or more of the following may apply:


§  Is serving a sentence for, or has a prior criminal conviction, for a felony crime of violence against
a person (West Virginia Code, Chapter 61, Articles 2, 3-e, 8-a, 8-b, 8-c, or 8-d)

§  Is serving a sentence for, or has a prior felony offense, involving the use, presentment,
or brandishing of a firearm

§  Is serving a sentence for, or has a prior felony offense, where the victim was a minor child

§  Is serving a sentence for more than one (1) felony for a controlled substance offense for which
the inmate is serving a consecutive sentence

§  With a classification score of 3 or higher

§  Is serving an offense for which there is a mandatory notification period under W.Va. Code
Section 62-12-23.

§  Is presently incarcerated due to a parole revocation for a new felony conviction as is
set forth pursuant to WV Code 62-12-19(h).

§  Has received a guilty finding from a Correctional Hearing Officer or plead no contest or guilty
to a Class 1 or Class 2 rule violation within one-hundred and twenty (120) days prior to
his/her application.

§  Has an Original Parole Hearing date that is greater than six months from the date of application.

§  Not in 100% compliance with programs Required for Accelerated Parole as indicated by
the inmate’s IRPP. 
An inmate is only in compliance if they are enrolled in and actively participating in all required programs.

§  Is currently assigned to Punitive Segregation or Administrative Segregation as a
result of a disciplinary action

Inmates who meet the above eligibility requirements are
to contact their facility IPO or Unit Team for applications or additional questions.

Ø  If accepted, you will not see the Parole Board any sooner than 90 days prior to your
ORIGINAL PAROLE HEARING DATE.  Inmate’s approved for the Accelerated Parole Program
after Original Parole Hearing will be scheduled for their parole hearing by the Parole Board.

Ø  An inmate will only be presented to the parole board for a hearing for accelerated parole
one time per incarceration.  If parole is denied, they will not be able to re-apply for the
Accelerated Parole Program.