Batterers Intervention and Prevention Program

Batterers Intervention and Prevention Programs, designed and developed within the WV Division of Corrections, is based on the best practice Duluth Model. This program provides batterers with educational components designed to intervene in the cycle of violence, power and control. The agency currently operates ten (10) licensed BIPP’s programs throughout its facilities.

Intent of Batterers Intervention Prevention Programs

  1. To end abusive behavior.
  2. To stop victim blaming.
  3. To deal with domestic violence not as an anger control problem, but one of power and control.
  4. To challenge beliefs and values.
  5. To increase the offender’s constructive expression of all emotions.
  6. To develop listening skills within the offender.
  7. To promote decreased isolation and the development of personal support systems for the offender.
  8. To decrease dependency on and control of the offender’s relationships.
  9. To increase the offender’s understanding of his family and social factors of spousal abuse.
  10. To challenge anyone who condones abuse.
  11. To increase awareness that no one has the right to perpetrate violence on another.