Interested in Mentoring?

Third Base CoachingThe West Virginia Division of Corrections is seeking volunteers in the Third Base Coaching Program. Specifically, the agency is looking for volunteers who possess the following attributes:

  • Recognized by the leadership of his/her congregation/organization as being established in his/her specific faith, is spiritually mature and not a recent convert
  • There should be a record of two years sobriety (in a non-correctional environment)
  • Endorsed by his/her local congregation/organization
  • It is highly recommended that the mentor – participant relationship be same gender
  • At least 5 to 10 years older than offender participants for participants that are 30 years old or younger.
  • An established member of the community willing to role model (be employed, have social ties, and be an active member of their organization).
  • Committed to at least 10 hours per week (It should be noted that time will be required to prepare for a visit, travel to the site, and journal in addition to the time that is spent with the offender participant.)
  • Committed to at least 12 months participation
  • Able to clear a criminal background investigation (Special permission to participate as an ex-felon can be obtained through the Director of Security’s office. An ex-felon cannot be under court or WVDOC supervision.)
  • Willing to foster independence in the participant.
  • Willing to complete approved training offered through the WVDOC
  • A Mentor may not act as a volunteer in any capacity at any WVDOC facility or be on any WVDOC inmate’s visitors list while he/she is actively mentoring a participant.

Interested persons should complete the VOLUNTEER APPLICATION and return to: 

C.J. Rider 
Religious Services Program Mentor 
One Mountainside Way 
Mt. Olive, WV 25801