Long Term RSAT

Therapeutic CommunityLong-term Residential Substance Abuse Treatment (RSAT) Units operate within five Division of Corrections’ facilities providing treatment beds for chronic alcoholics and addicts within prisons.

The available treatment beds are available throughout the system, in all levels of security for both men and women. The primary modality of treatment within these units is therapeutic community, wherein offenders are exposed to values and principles consistent with those found in the larger society rather than within the prison subculture. At the same time they are placed in intensive treatment programs to overcome their addictions.

West Virginia’s Therapeutic Community program model is based on correctional programs operating nationally that have achieved success in producing safer, more secure living units and lower recidivism rates.

The agency also operates one community-based center that serves as an aftercare unit for offenders completing the Therapeutic Community. This center is designed to provide a safe transition for the offender from prison to the community, with peer support and follow-up addiction services to the population as they gradually transition back into society.