Inmate Programs

The Office of the Director of Programs is responsible for providing leadership in four major areas within the Division of Corrections: the Unit Management System, Grant Management, Inmate Programs and Services, and the WV Offender Reentry Initiative.

Phone: (304) 558-2036
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Jennifer Ballard, Director of Programs,
Vacant, Corrections Programs Manager (RSAT)
Carrie Childress, Corrections Program Specialist Senior (Jail Programming)

Program Mentors:

Melissa Richmond, Addiction Services Program Mentor,
Judy Acree, Crime Specific Program Mentor,

Correctional programming is an important component to incarceration in West Virginia. Research indicates that a significant portion of the offender population within State prisons will one day be released to live in communities. Correctional interventions that couple supervision with treatment services have been found to be the most meaningful in reducing the likelihood of future victimization and the return of prisoners to correctional facilities (Washington State Institute for Public Policy, 2006). Since 2002, the WV Division of Corrections has strived to develop programs and interventions that meet “best” and “evidence-based” practices and can be sustained with limited resources and funding.

Offender programs within correctional facilities are provided through partnerships between the Division of Corrections, the Department of Education- Office of Institutional Education Programs, and PSIMED CORRECTIONS, LLC, a contracted mental health service provider. As offenders advance through the system to less secure, community based facilities, services and programs are provided through partnerships with local service providers (i.e., One Stop Centers, Boards of Education, local mental health providers, etc.). Facility based programs can be categorized into eight (8) general program areas:

Program Area Program Examples
Addiction Services Alcohol and Drug Education, Treatment, and Relapse Prevention; Long-Term Residential Substance Abuse Treatment, Faith Based Treatment Programs; AA/NA; Women’s Addiction Services
Affective/Social Skills Cognitive Restructuring; Anger Management; Crime Victim Awareness; Parenting/Relationship-Based Courses; Trauma Programs for Women; Domestic Violence Intervention and Prevention for Women
Crime Specific Programs Sex Offender Program; Batterers Intervention and Prevention Program
Educational Studies Adult Basic Education, General Equivalency Diploma, Post-secondary Educational Courses
Life Skills Programs Time, Money, and Stress Management; Job Seeking and Keeping Training; Relapse Prevention; Life Planning; Transition Preparation
Religious Services Faith Based counseling and mentoring services; Interdenominational worship services; Prison Ministries; Third Base Coaching Mentoring Program
Recreational Services Physical exercise; team sporting events; health and fitness programs
Vocational Education Welding, Auto Mechanics, Facility Maintenance, Construction