PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act)

Compliance with PREA Standards

The Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 established the requirement for Zero Tolerance for acts of Sexual Abuse or Harassment in confinement facilities. The law also required the creation of compliance standards with the goal of eliminating these acts. The WV Division of Corrections (WVDOC) is in compliance with these standards and fully investigates each allegation of sexual abuse or harassment, regardless of source, and refers appropriate cases to the WV State Police for criminal investigation.

Below you will find critical information related to referring cases for criminal prosecution, methods for third parties to report allegations of sexual abuse or harassment on behalf of an inmate, and aggregated statistical data related to PREA incidents in WVDOC facilities.

PREA Standards

  • Standard 115.22 – Referral of Cases for Criminal Investigation: Please reference WVDOC Policy 332.12 (PDF) for information regarding the referral of cases for criminal investigation.
  • Standard 115.54 – Reporting of PREA Allegations by Third Parties: Please reference WVDOC Policy 332.22 (PDF) for information regarding the reporting of PREA allegations by third parties.
  • Standard 115.88 – PREA Annual Report: The WVDOC will post annual reports on PREA incidents, the agency’s response to those incidents, and any corrective actions taken, in this section of the Website:
  • Standard 115.89 – PREA Data: Please review the following aggregate PREA data related to incidents in WVDOC facilities from 2008 – 2012: WVDOC PREA Events 2008 - 2012.pdf (PDF).

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