Parole Services Mission and Duty

Probation/Parole Officers Mission Statement

Parole Services is dedicated to enhancing public safety, remediating the behavior of criminal offenders to acceptable community standards, protecting the interests of the victims of crime and sustaining a secure environment for all people in the State of West Virginia through active supervision techniques and the effective use of evidence-based, re-entry programming and treatment practices. 

Duties of a Probation and Parole Officer

Performs work at beginning level in investigation and intervention, provides continuous supervision for interstate compact probationers, parolees, misdemeanor cases and West Virginia parolees to assist in their social and personal adjustment.

Officers investigate background histories of offenders; reviews court files, police reports and other pertinent reports to gather information concerning offenders.  They interview offenders' family members, friends, employers and other persons concerned with offenders' readjustment into society.

Supervises and counsels offenders in office, home and community settings. Prepares petitions, testifies in court and parole revocation hearings.

Conducts drug and alcohol testing. Coordinates and utilizes law enforcement duties with the local police agencies to make arrests and transport offenders, which may involve dangerous offenders and situations.

Officers contact community resources to arrange services for offenders regarding matters of job development, counseling services, etcetera. Must have the ability to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with offenders, co-workers, other agency representatives and the general public.