Standard Conditions of Parole

  • Must report within 24 hours.
  • Stay within a certain area.
  • Obtain permission before changing residence or employment.
  • Obtain and maintain employment.
  • Maintain acceptable, non-threatening behavior.
  • Must not possess firearms or weapons.
  • Report any arrest within 24 hours.
  • Complete monthly written report.
  • Report as instructed.
  • Must not use drugs or alcohol or enter drinking establishments.
  • Must not break any state or local laws.
  • Abide by other written requirements.
  • Pay $40 supervision fee monthly.
  • Sex Offenders of children cannot live with anyone under 18.
  • Sex Offenders must register with WV State Police within 3 days.
  • Allow contacts at home or employment without obstruction.
  • Submit to search of person, residence or motor vehicle at any time by Parole Officers.

Special Conditions – can be placed on offenders at the Parole Officers discretions. These vary from Officer to Officer.