Huntington Work/Study Release Center

Renae Stubblefield, Administrator

1236 Fifth Avenue
Huntington, West Virginia 25701
Phone: (304) 529-6885
Fax: (304) 529-0205


Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Huntington Work/Study Release Center to provide residents the opportunity through educational, vocational, rehabilitation, mental, spiritual and employment programs to discover, develop and enhance personal behaviors, habits and skills necessary for a successful transition from prison to the community and the maintenance of a productive life, while making a valuable contribution to society.

Leadership Biography

Renae Stubblefield, Administrator - Renae Stubblefield was appointed as Administrator for the Huntington Work/Study Release Center in September, 2001.

Renae has a BA degree from Marshall University. She has served as a Department of Labor apprentice and has taken a wide array of specialized courses during her employment with the Division of Corrections.

Ms. Stubblefield began working at Huntington Work/Study Release Center in February, 1984. She has moved up the correctional ranks by serving as a Correctional Officer, Business Manager, News Reporter, Interim Magistrate, Third Level Grievance Evaluator, Institutional Training Coordinator, Computer Instructor, Institutional Parole Officer and EEO Counselor.


  • Renae Stubblefield - Administrator 


Huntington Work/Study Release Center, established in October 1983 is a community-based correctional facility located in the heart of downtown Huntington. The three-story brick building is minimum-security facility containing five dormitories, which house 54 male and 12 female offenders who are carefully screened through a risk assessment classification method for participation in the work release program. They are non-violent offenders who are usually serving the last third of their sentence prior to parole or discharge.

Huntington Work/Study Release was met with very strong sentiment. Their primary goal was to convince the public to help provide residents with the chance to develop responsible behavior and accountability for their overall performance through educational and employment opportunities. Pursuing this goal has resulted in the mayor of Huntington proclaiming July 18, 1986 to be “Huntington Work/Study Release Center Day” to recognize the Center for its service to the community.

HWSRC is one of the most unique institutions in West Virginia because it was designed to provide the inmate an opportunity for rehabilitation by gradually readjusting with family, friends and the community prior to actual release, thereby avoiding the anxieties and frustrations of immediate release back into society.

Huntington Work/Study Release has recommitted itself to providing a positive service to the Huntington community. An Adopt-A-Highway project and numerous other service projects are just some of the ways in which the Center contributes to the community.